Dr Preeti Jain has found a veritably authentic skin care range that has been aptly christened as Divinno.  Divinno in  Italian  means “the divine” and this Organic skin care range promises to render a skin that shall be nothing less than divine itself. A dermatologist by profession with a keen insight into her subject, Dr Preeti Jain had not exactly imagined to come up with an Organic skin care brand. But the inspiration for this new venture is as authentic as the product line itself. Dr Preeti Jain relates an incident where her beloved mother wheedled her into using the Aloe Vera gel for a week post which there was no looking back.  Her curiosity into exploring different natural skin care products was kindled as the health of her skin improved drastically by the day. Also the results were long lasting unlike with the  chemical based products where the renditions are temporary even if instantly gratifying. This also became a moment of epiphany for her for she decided that it was about time that we got back to our roots. A faith coupled with insightful knowledge and a passionate zeal to create chemical free products, birthed a very promising Organic skin care line which was to be  tellingly called the Divinno. But the intent goes beyond the act of creating an Organic skin care brand alone. The idea is to educate the world about the authenticity and efficacy of an ancient science  that has ruled and informed the lives of millions through history. And the tool employed to universalise the science of Organic would be this capital skin care line called the Divinno.

The products from the Divinno skin care line are cent percent natural with the highest quality of natural ingredients being used in their creation. We have strictly kept from using any artificial colours, artificial fragrances or any kind of petrochemicals, parabens, urea , propylene glycol or other harmful additives in the making of these  quality products. To lend more credibility to our claim we have also got all our organic products certified.

The Divinno Organic products are made with the most compelling traditional and artisanal expertise. These products are infused with the Organic herbs and aromatic flowers along with the very pure essential oils either grown in our own personal farms with the most natural and organic techniques or are imported from the different regions of India where they are available in their most superior quality and form.

Divinno which in Italian means divine is an authentic skin care brand with its foundation in the ancient science of Organic.  The founder of the brand is Dr.Preeti Jain who is a dermatologist by profession says she never thought she would ever get in to a Organic line. She says because of her mom she one day tried aloe Vela gel and for a week when she tried it she noticed her skin was glowing. This got her excited and she kept exploring these natural ingredients and was pleasantly surprised with the results. She said she finally understood the it’s time to go back to our roots.  and because of her knowledge about the skin and passion to create chemical free products she decided to create these Organic products. Her mission is to promote the message of authentic Organic , universally.
Our products are 100 percent natural and use the highest quality of natural ingredients. No artificial colours. No artificial fragrance. No petrochemicals, parabens, urea , propylene glycol or other harmful additives .
All our organic products are certified.Our products are made using traditional and artisanal expertise, infused with Organic herbs , aromatic flowers , and pure essential oils grown naturally and organically in our own farms and sourced from regions across India , where they are known to be of the most superior quality.

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