3 Steps to Stop Eye Shadow Creasing

3 Steps to Stop Eye Shadow Creasing

Conceal, prime, and colour are the three important stages to keeping your eye shadow from creasing and ensuring beautiful, long-lasting lids. We’ve all had that moment, around 3:00 p.m., when you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and see your eye makeup has melted, faded, or wrinkled. Fortunately, with experience comes knowledge, and we’ve devised the ideal three-step procedure for preventing eye makeup creasing.

Begin by concealing your under-eye circles. This will guarantee that your makeup, rather than puffiness or dark circles beneath your eyes, is the focal point. Of course, they’re foundations, but they also provide broad-spectrum SPF protection, skincare advantages, and may be used as concealers. Whether you prefer pressed or loose powder, you will be able to conceal dark circles effectively. As a result, you may apply less concealer without worrying about it creasing below your eyes. When it comes to concealer, less really is more. It’s also a good idea to use it after you’ve finished your eye makeup to clear up any potential eye shadow fallout.

After you’ve applied foundation underneath your eyes, prepare your eyelids with Flawless Affair for Eyes. This product not only provides a subtle wash of colour but also aids powder eye shadows in staying put throughout the day. Priming also prevents eye shadow from creasing, smudging, or caking during the day. Furthermore, our eyelid primers reduce the appearance of eyelid texture, giving your eyelids the ideal canvas for any eye makeup look.

You’ve managed to conceal yourself. You’ve primed the pump. You’re now ready to start colouring. Apply the lighter hues to the regions you want to bring forward or emphasise, and the darker shades to the places you want to retreat while applying eye shadow. To assist pull your eye forward, apply lighter colours closer to your eye rather than your brow bone if you have deep-set eyes. Apply a faint highlighter hue to your brow bone to give the illusion of a raised brow.

Wrapping Up
With these, we’ve come towards the end of this article, where we learned 3 steps to stop eye shadow creasing. We hope you have liked this write-up, if you have any queries, do let us know by mailing us at sales@divinnoluxury.com

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