How to Find Your Foundation Shade Match

How to Find Your Foundation Shade Match

Buying new foundation is a very anecdotal observation that is made even more difficult when done online. With an ever-increasing flood of new foundation formulas and wide shade ranges to select from, researching foundations online without the assistance of a cosmetic expert to help guide you on the tones and textures most suited to your complexion may be an intimidating process.

When looking for a new go-to foundation formula, there are several factors and individual interests to consider, from texture to coverage to shade range. Here’s your online cosmetics purchasing guide, along with three simple recommendations to help you find the perfect foundation match online.

Examine your undertone

When it comes to matching foundation to your skin tone, this is arguably the most crucial step. Undertones are classified into three types: cold, warm, and neutral. Cool undertones indicate that your skin has blue, red, or pink undertones. Your skin exhibits gold, yellow, or peach undertones, indicating warm undertones. The term “neutral” refers to the presence of both warm and chilly tones. Examining the veins in your wrist is the simplest approach to determine your undertones.

Picking Texture for a Theme

The texture of your skin alters with the seasons and temperature of your environs, and your foundation formula should reflect this. If you live in a colder, dryer region, you may require a richer, more hydrating formula, whereas individuals who live in hot, humid conditions may want to search for a foundation that helps with oil management and has a more mattifying texture.

Depending on the situation, the same changes may be required. Some makeup enthusiasts choose a lightweight mix for everyday use and a heavier, full-coverage version for night-time or special occasions.

Final Preparation

Make sure your skin is adequately prepped before applying any foundation. The style your foundation sets on your face might be affected if you do not properly prime your skin. Patches of dead skin cells can produce uneven patches, making even your good choice appear to be a dud.

Wrapping Up

With these we’ve come towards the end of this article, where we learned various tips about finding the perfect foundation shade for your skin. We hope you have liked this write-up, if you have any queries, do let us know by mailing us sales@divinnoluxury.com

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How to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

How to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

It’s almost time to reduce your burden, both in terms of your clothing and your grooming regimen. The beginning of a new season is an excellent opportunity to change up your regimen. Begin spring cleansing your skin with fresh, new lifestyles and remedies.


Here are five tips to spring clean your skincare routine:


Bid Adieu to heavy skincare products!

People tend to layer their cosmetics and skincare products in the winter, but when the warmth and humidity rise, lighter products are preferred. Moisturizer is one product to lighten upon. In the winter, thick moisturizers are used to preserve your skin, but in the summer, the same moisturizers might feel like a mask. To keep your face looking bright and fresh all season, use a mild water-based moisturizer.


Get rid of your unused and expired makeup!

It’s a nasty habit to keep your cosmetics over their expiration date. People have a habit of keeping their cosmetics well past their expiration date. The issue is that cosmetics and skincare items expire, and the longer you keep them, the more germs may build up and cause outbreaks. Also, get rid of any items you aren’t applying. Invest in items that work for you and your skin by being honest with yourself.


Incorporate sunscreen into your makeup routine!

Sunscreen should be used every day, regardless of the season, but if you haven’t already, Spring is a fantastic time to start! Start your makeup/skincare regimen by applying sunscreen (broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher).


Wrapping Up

With these, we’ve come towards the end of this article, where we learned how to spring clean your beauty routine. We hope you have liked this write-up, if you have any queries, do let us know by mailing us at sales@divinnoluxury.com

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