How to change your skincare routine for summer?

Summer seems to bring delight to the skin in terms of glow and smoothness but the reality is pretty different. The season of summer can drastically increase the chances of premature ageing with the deleterious consequences of excessive sweating and sunburn. Now, the aforesaid statement might be daunting but you don’t have to worry as we at DIVINNO bring to you some important regime changes and products for optimal skin care in summer.

Here is a list of essential tips that you can consider for tackling the scorching effect of summers.

  • While you were keener on keeping your skin hydrated in the winters, but for summers, you can opt for a decent cleansing product along with a light moisturizer depending upon your skin type.
  • When the summer arrives, let your skin naturally adjust with the season coming out of winters. As sometimes overprotecting your skin might make your skin look lazy and dull.
  • People with genetically dry and eczema-prone skin must take extra care of their skin in summer too as the harsh nature of this season might pose a serious threat to the skin.
  • Make it a daily routine to apply an SPF over your skin and try to avoid unnecessary burning beneath the sun.

As you have understood the aforementioned tips for skincare in summers, now have a look into our extensive range of skincare products for summers.

  • As the humidity rises, the more your skin requires sun-protection skin serum such as SONAH from DIVINNO, which comes with 24 karat gold serum that acts miraculously in protecting and restoring essential moisture for your skin.
  • Switch towards a lightweight moisturizer for your summers with DIVINNO’S GRISMAH and SURPAH and experience the season with a different twist like never before.

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